The services we provide are entirely determined and driven by your current situation and the things that are most important to you for your present and future goals.

Where are you in your life? Where do you see yourself in five, ten, or 30 years? What are your priorities? These are among the questions we’ll ask you as we help you formulate your financial plan. We’ll help you define your True Wealth, then devise the path to get there.

What do we mean by “True Wealth”?

An essential part of what we do is help our clients identify and prioritize their goals. Finding your “True Wealth” is usually centered around four key considerations:

Financial planning and management may involve college funds for your children or grandchildren, or how you want to shape your financial independence in your latter years and how to enjoy your prosperity with family members now, and after you have passed.

Many of our clients want to pursue a work-optional lifestyle. Others have already reached full retirement, or may soon do so.
If you’re still working, a healthy work-play balance is an important measure of your true wealth. That balance can also influence the resources you have available to recreate once you’ve retired. In full retirement, you may need to balance the money available to recreate with your day-to-day living expenses and estate planning.
Ultimately, money is just the means to achieve all the above, and any other present and future goals.

With the four above considerations in mind, and to help you find and obtain your True Wealth and financial independence, we’ve developed a proprietary process we call the Magna FORMula (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money). While, to a degree it is formulaic, it’s by no means a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach. Quite to the contrary, it’s an adaptable, living, breathing, dynamic process that is designed to change and evolve as you do!

Life often presents critical financial events. These can be the joys in life (like the birth of a child, or grandchild) and pitfalls (like the loss of a job, or spouse). The Magna FORMULA helps you prepare for them when you can, and cushion the impact when you can’t.

Our Magna FORMula process is an innovative approach to financial planning. It’s designed around these critical financial and life events. Whether these events are predictable, or unexpected, they always have a profound impact on peoples’ lives. The best way for us to prepare for them is to be aware of the possibilities, keep our fingers on the pulse of our clients’ lives. By using this process we are able to shine the light down the road and see what might be ahead for our clients, allowing us to plan for or cushion the impact when these events occur.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to wealth management As with everything we do, Wealth Management is first and foremost about your goals and priorities. But the flipside of that coin is understanding your financial risks. Riskalyze* is a powerful state-of-the-art program we and our clients use to determine their risk score. Once we understand your goals, priorities and risks, we’ll develop an investment and wealth management strategy that is unique to you.

Curious about your risk score? Take the riskalyze survey here

We’re not just referring to managing risk within your portfolio by making sure your investments are in line with your risk tolerance and goals. Risk management also encompasses life insurance, LTC, disability, and key person insurance. There are a myriad of risks that we have to navigate through in life and a good bit of those we can transfer via insurance.
Whenever money goes into or comes out of an account, there are tax consequences. There can even be consequences with how money transfers. There are always losses to lock in and gains to capture. Tax planning is an important part of our process because at the end of the day, it's not about how much you make, but how much you keep.

The moment our clients realize they have enough, and have achieved financial independence, a flip switches. They no longer ask, “will I have enough?” but instead ask, “what will become of my legacy. The answer is that there are lots of strategies we can pursue. We can engage with other professionals like CPA’s or estate planning attorneys to determine the best approach to transition your legacy to the next generation. Estate planning can allow the process to begin sooner, rather than later, and bring some joy by giving to loved ones while you’re still alive.

It’s important to determine how money comes out of which account, and when. For some of our clients it’s making sure cash is working hard for them. For others it’s debt management or some budgeting tools we can make available. It's all part of the financial planning aspect of our approach.

We can help you determine the ways your estate and legacy move and shape different organizations, or family members' lives after you are gone, or even while you’re still alive. At your request, we’ll devise strategies to start moving money to causes you are passionate about.

Value-Added Services

We often spend time to educate our clients and provide many different resources and tools. It is a way we can add value and connect all of the dots.

Medicare Education and Guidance

It can be challenging to Navigate the various government programs available to seniors and what their impact can be on overall investment growth, wealth management, budgeting and spending. We help our clients make informed choices about Social Security, Medicare and Health Insurance even before they are eligible.

Learn more about
Medicare & Health Insurance Options

Healthcare Advocacy and Guidance

As we age, healthcare needs usually increase. We offer a program called PinnacleCare* to help you understand what can be increasingly complicated medical issues and care plans and work as your advocates to keep your medical records organized, and answer questions you may have about diagnosis and which doctors are best for you.

Learn more about PinnacleCare

Advocacy in Your Time of Need

Facing decisions about in-home care, assisted living or other short- and long-term care options is never easy. We offer a discounted access to Broadspire® *, to help you and your loved ones make the best informed decisions when a transition is necessary. Broadspire® also provides ongoing care coordination and crisis management and more.

Learn More About Broadspire®

Family Meetings

We gather client’s family members together to discuss many different topics important to them. In doing so, we act as a resource for the entire family even if some are not current clients.

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Family Meetings
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our Sounding Board Process

Identity theft and fraud protection

Safeguarding financial privacy and security is important for all clients and their older parents. We provide tools and resources that help prevent and deal with identity theft and fraud.

Learn more about
our EverSafe Program
Watch a video about
our EverSafe Program

Securing a Plan for Your Family’s Future

Your legacy is so much more than passing on financial well-being to future generations. That’s why we offer EverPlans*, a secure online tool that helps you compile and organize everything from your will, trusts, doctors, and much more. Your legacy is so much more than passing on financial well-being to future generations. That’s why we offer EverPlans*, a secure online tool that helps you compile and organize everything from your will, trusts, doctors, and much more.

Learn more about
our Everplan Program
Watch a video about
our EverPlan Program

How you can maximize your philanthropy for your favorite charities and you?

Watch the video to learn more!

What is Everplan?

Life is complicated. Think of Everplan as your personal digital dashboard for your life. Watch the video to learn more.

What is EverSafe?

EverSafe lets you monitor your fiancial information to keep it secure. It alerts you of unusual activities and gives you the tools to help you resolve the issue. Watch the video to learn more!

Have a family member or friend who are concerned about their future?

We can help! Learn how by watching the video below!

Raymond James is not affiliated with Riskalyze, PinnacleCare, Broadspire®, EverSafe or EverPlans. Please see the Disclaimer Page for more information.

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